Access Information/Environmental Policy

Access Information / Environmental Policy:

Public Transport: The approach is by a lane that is narrow at times with passing places. There is no very near public transport – Par station is 3 miles (there are taxis one being Yeo’s on 01726 814095) and the nearest bus stop is 2 miles away in Tywardreath.

The garden has paths and bridges that support Wheelchair access -there are however gentle slopes on grass which can be difficult in wet weather.

There is a special parking position to unload a wheelchair thus avoiding the car park chippings surface.

Steps and Seating: There are a small number of steps in the garden but there is access to all areas without their use. Seating is provided strategically around to garden in order to take rests if required.

Environmental Policy:
The garden is planned based on an Environmental Policy with the topography and climate in mind, so there are no major issues with watering, i.e. where it is boggy, a bog garden has been planted; in well drained areas, it has been planted with species that thrive in such conditions. Waste garden material is composted. Pots are re-cycled (includes ‘pot-return’ service). Rain water is collected from buildings and via ‘French drains’ and feed to butts or pond, from which water is pumped for watering. Additional compost is purchased from local green waste supplier. Solar power drives the new water feature. We are wildlife friendly